Virede, first of all, is a team of passionate software engineers and designers who want to create the future vision projects. Creativity is what drives us in this world to create something new, outstanding and innovative.

We see how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality fields virally grow in the past few years. In the next couple of years, AR/VR will be present all around us in everyone’s daily lives. So there is a huge market of Seven Billion people to cover (:

Our mission is not only to deliver great products for our clients but also to spread the word about latest techniques among other designers/developers. We want to share our knowledge in specific areas to people around us.


We think that clear communication is key to the successfully completed project.


Create something new and innovative is our primary goal.

Commitment and Trust

All of our team members fully commit to delivering great products.


Adaptation to latest technologies is what makes us stand out from the crowd.


Time is the most valuable thing in the world, that is why we always provide honest quotes on the projects.

Creative Freedom

Our members always think creatively and came up with different ideas about how to solve the specific task.