We are living in the time where the world is undergoing massive transformations in terms of technology, innovative ideas, creative themes and much more. No doubt, these progressions make our life luxurious and have compelled us to take long leaps to keep up with the fast moving pace. Among these astounding concepts, Augmented Reality is the one that is steadily advancing and offering a high level of exciting experiences to numerous industries.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality mainly refers towards the combination of both the worlds, where users can see the real world around them along with the inclusion of computerized graphics, thus providing a truly amazing feel to the audience.

Augmented Reality – Trending notions and utilization of 2017:

As we all know, Augmented Reality gained a massive recognition via the media sensation of 2016 – ‘Pokemon Go’, a game that embraces Augmented Reality to deliver a real life Pokemon experience and was easily accessible on the smartphones, both iOS and Android. It had been speculated that Augmented Reality is going to be the major moving trend of the time to come.

Well, a few suggested that this technology will be restricted to the gaming industry only but the developers strive to take it beyond the gaming zone to reach out for the other businesses.

Speaking of the most popular brand in the field of smartphones, ‘Apple’, the Company has pretty much positioned itself to offer its current as well as the potential clients the best of the Augmented Reality. Therefore, with the imminent launch of iPhone 8 this fall, the company is all set to release Apple ARkit that will support iOS 11 devices.

Now, let us highlight the trending fascinations of Augmented Reality that is receiving tremendous admiration all across the globe.

  • Augmented Reality allows its users to drop down 3D models in the environment around. Moreover doctors have started using AR to teach their medical students to explore the organs in 3D.
  • Its enriched browser displays the estimated value or the history of a specific place or building you view.
  • Augmented technology offers ‘Virtual Trials’ that supports the ‘try before you purchase’ IKEA – Furniture Retail Company is using this technology to facilitate its customers. Likewise clothing retailers also propose a ‘virtual wear on’ offer where the customer can check virtually whether the outfit looks good or not rather than trying it on physically each time.
  • Google’s exclusive advancements on the platform of Mobile AR, Lenovo in collaboration with Google launches its first Tango-enabled smartphone, Lenovo Phab2 Pro. And as we are heading towards the end of the year 2017, more AR centric smartphones are expected to hit the markets.
  • The owners of the deluxe cars have been enjoying the ‘heads-up displays’ that projects the compass direction, speed, alerts and other related information on the windshield. Now, these Automotive Hub Displays will be available to all of us through augmented powered smartphones.
  • When it comes to construction projects, planners find it harder to ensure quality as well as the smooth running of the plans. So, with the help of the virtual images overlaying in a physical space, the issues are detected and sorted earlier.

Wrapping up:

Augmented Reality is undoubtedly delivering an endless fun which surely going to flourish and will become the most talked about technology in the near future. With the help of the visualized objects that aren’t present in the room in addition to the valuable information and brand experiences, AR is going to take the consumers to the next level.