Ever since the Apple’s ARkit, their first ever trial at the platform of the most buzzed technology of the time, Augmented Reality unveiled, Google has also attempted to move a step ahead of ‘Tango’ and made its way to the limelight with its AR podium named Google’s ARCore.

Although ‘Tango’ was Google’s other Augmented Reality project which was launched a few years back, but it is quite different to what Google has brought to the market this time. However, when it comes to the ARCore exclusive features, they are found very close in competition with Apple’s ARkit.

Let’s have a look!

Key Features of Google ARCore:

ARCore is built to use with Java/OpenGL, Unity, and Unreal, and it has its primary focus on three of the following platforms.

  • Motion Tracking: To set the virtual objects right in their proper places, Motion Tracking technology uses a camera and the sensors on the phone, aimed at determining the pose as well as the position of the phone when it moves through space. You are allowed to view things from any angle, and even if you leave room for a while or so, you will find all the things right in their exact positions as were set by you on your return.
  • Environmental Understanding: It firstly allows finding a flat surface like a floor or a table in the surroundings and then places the virtual objects on it in a way that they are perfectly fused with the real world thus building its own understanding of the world around.
  • Light Estimation: ARCore can assess the current lighting conditions in its surroundings and then make the adjustments accordingly. Light Estimation feature makes the appearance of the virtual objects more realistic.

How Google’s ARCore is different from Apple’s ARkit?

Well technically speaking, they are more or less the same at this point, and you may not find much difference. But the situation may likely to change on the imminent release of Apple’s iPhone 8 which is said to encompass ‘depth cameras’ that would allow Apple to track far better.

On the other hand considering Google’s ARCore, it holds at least two years of more development inside Google than ARkit in Apple. Moreover, ARCore has rich planned features that were lined up for Tango and now will appear on ARCore.

Apart from technical views, surveying the market conditions and the availability of the technology from both ends; Apple’s iPhone 8 and the public release of iOS 11 is going to hit millions of enthusiastic consumers who are desperately waiting to get their hands on these latest marvels of Apple. But as far as Google’s ARCore is being concerned it is released on the Pixel and Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphones, running Nougat 7.0 or above, but the Google does have plans to gradually increase the number of the devices up to 100 million. Moreover, to offer more phones the support of this spectacular Augmented Reality content, Google is all set to work with various smartphone companies excelling in the market at the moment which includes; Samsung, LG, Asus, and Huawei.

So, Google ARCore or Apple ARkit, it seems like an AR war is about to begin and it is surely going to offer various AR supported fun rides!!