Apple is often spotted under the flash lights with something exclusive and truly amazing progressions for their iPhone and iPad lovers. Sticking to their legacy, long awaited iPhone 8 is speculated to bring about goose bumps along with the release of iOS 11 this fall. Recent updates highlighted an astounding selection of exciting new features and system tweaks which has fascinated the developers to the extent that they declared it as a Game Changer – thanks a million to the Apple’s ARkit.

"I Think Augmented Reality is Big and Profound"

Tim Cook

What is ARkit?

Apple ARkit allows the developers to use the camera and the sensors of the devices, supporting iOS 11 to produce augmented reality applications. Augmented Reality apps mainly said to combine real world with the digital one, hence ensure to generate a miraculous experience for the users.

Advantages of ARkit

Although AR is not a new technology but Apple’s immense interest has created a great hype. The most famous example of Augmented Reality is the game, ‘Pokemon Go’ which has amused trillions out there. With ARkit, the developers believe that it may get applied far beyond the gaming zone, making its way towards hospitals, schools, offices and even in your living rooms.

Here is how it will work:

  • ARkit is going to offer a pure blend of digital objects and the environment around you. The Augmented Reality will take the applications outside the screen, thus freeing them to interact with the real world. The camera on the iPhone is going to detect the flat surface, say a floor or a table to put virtual objects on it. Afterwards, you can even make adjustments the way you like the object to be placed.
  • Coming towards another application, IKEA Place, ‘dropping IKEA furniture objects into your room or at your workplace’, allows you to choose from a wide array of IKEA furnishings which you can place or move about for proper setting of your room; before you actually purchase it. This app seems quite familiar to the Google Tango. However, tango requires extra cameras and sensors whereas ARkit is constrained to the cameras and the sensors on the Apple products only.
  • Well, how about having a zombie in your living room? Yikes!! Imagine that moment, as you turn around and find a zombie making its way towards you. Horrific! Yes, I am talking about The Walking Dead: Our World. But fans are really going to enjoy fighting against zombies along with their several favorite characters in the game.
  • Then there is a Very Hungry Caterpillar which you can see through the lens of your phone. Feeding the caterpillar and see him growing is going to add in much fun.

Wrapping Up

From chasing zombies to Virtual IKEA Furniture, the ‘game changing AR app’ is coming to your handsets. But one of the major concerns that might have popped up in your mind is that “will my existing iPhone or iPad can get this ARkit App?” Well, wipe away all your worries as anything that runs iOS 11 can get the ARkit applications installed. So, be ready for a stunning experience of the Apple’s ARkit.